Epic Things to do In Death Valley National Park

Spreads of salt flats, towering mountains, dunes, and sailing stones are what welcome you to the Death Valley National Park in Vegas. What comes off as a desolate natural reserve has a great potential to be a fun place. Nearly one million visitors turn up at the park every year. Get to know all the fun activities you can do at the park. You don’t even have to take your car there! In Vegas? Book a car from our luxury and sports car rental las vegas.

Enjoy the View

The place looks phenomenal when viewed from Dante’s View. You can use the place as a focal point and spot the river basins from here. You can also walk the short fun trails to navigate the area from a different perspective. Another good place to explore is the Zabriskie Point.

Take Photographs

The Badwater Basin is the lowest point in the US. Flat trails from the parking lot head out to the basin. The final destination is a white-dominated area due to heaps of salt flats. The area is the perfect location for photos. The place also has much to explore in terms of changing texture, landscape, and nearby scenic hills. We’d recommend you go in a comfy SUV to far-off places like the park. We make vacations in Vegas the most memorable for groups. Contact our exotic rental service to book a car of your choice.

Opt for Short Hikes

The Golden Canyon and Gower Gulch is a short hike that offers great views of the Death Valley. This will bring you in direct contact with the different kinds of landscapes we have in the park. The views from the Manly Beacon would need some hiking too. Go for the mudstone hills if you’re really up for hiking with your entourage.

Hike Through an Oasis

Darwin Falls is one of the most breathtaking sites in the park. To view the topography, you will have to hike through an oasis.  This is a 2-mile trip on a very different landscape than what you’ve explored until now. Darwin Falls is located in Panamint Springs, on the west side of the park.

Explore the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Children and adults can both enjoy the dunes. They are a simpler topography with no sharp or rough edges like the salt flats. They are extremely photogenic. Most of the dunes are surrounded by Purple Mountains that look even more mesmerizing at night. From the parking lot to the dunes, you have a lot of areas for navigation. As you progress on the dunes, they tend to get lonelier and quieter, adding to their natural beauty.

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