Who We Are

We are a company with over 15 years of experience in the exotic car rental business. With a collective vision of providing customers a taste and experience of luxury, our fleet is comprised of some of the most powerful exotic vehicles that you can get your hands on.

We are incredibly dedicated to customer satisfaction, hoping to deliver everything our clients need and more. Through extensive experience and expertise across different industries, the founders of the company understand the value of having happy clients. Your interest is our prerogative and we want you to know what high-quality customer care means.

Offering competitive rates and some of the best cars on the market, our company’s policies are also flexible and comprehensive, making the rental process fair, transparent and with mutual interests in consideration. Our prices are also adjusted for tax, so there are no hidden charges that might concern or surprise you.

You can reach out to us at any time because we also make ourselves available after hours by appointment. We offer delivery services and various other services that are intended to provide you with greater comfort.

Don’t hesitate to fulfill your dreams of driving your favorite luxury car. We’d be more than happy to help you in any way we can!


If you’re looking to make a lasting impression at your next meeting or need a rental for a night out on the town, or you’ve always dreamt of sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful, a luxury vehicle like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, you’re on the right track.

Since luxury cars are incredibly expensive, only a few people with the resources can truly afford them, leaving a large majority of people yearning for the opportunity to drive one. We want to make this dream a reality for as many people as we can through our services.

Do it for yourself or do it to leave others blown away—our goal is to help you experience the thrill and joy sports and luxury cars bring.

Explore the Grand Canyon or Valley of Fire, or drive through Sin City for a night to remember—it’s all entirely up to you. Choose us and sit back for the ride of a lifetime!



Diplomatic Exotic Car Rentals has built a name for itself in the industry, being one of the most high-rated companies in the business. We have dedicated years to building this reputation through the quality of our services and immense emphasis on customer service.

From offering some of the most powerful luxury and exotic vehicles to our clients to including additional services like deliveries and drop-offs, flexible policies and pricing, we also offer VIP services.

These VIP services include access to preferred seating at the most popular nightclubs, chauffeur services for celebrities and special guests, production use and convention and trade show displays.

We also have an established preferred partner program through which clients can add a special request and charter planes and jets. Reach out to our VIP concierge to learn more about all the services and amenities available to you! Feel free to call us at 877-457-4337 to learn more.