Top Reasons to Visit the Red Rock Canyon During Your Stay in Las Vegas

The Red Rock Canyon is a quieter substitute for the bustling Vegas Strip. This scenic stretch of land was a known National Conservation Area. The destination hosts around 2 million people annually. You have more than one reasons to visit the Red Rock Canyon:

It’s Closer to the Strip

The Red Rock Canyon is easily visible from the Strip, being just 16 miles away. Luxury SUVs and even sportscars in good condition would do perfectly for the trip. Go for our luxury car rental to book a sturdy supercar that can survive the terrains of the Red Rock Canyon. The conservative area is open from 6 am, while the visitor center is open between 8 am to 4:30 pm. If you’re looking forward to spending some time in nature or for good scenic photography in Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon is your solution!

Exceptional Vegetation and Fauna

The Canyon is known for its unique topographical features. The towering sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault offer panoramic views of the Canyon. The 13-mile Scenic Drive and Ice Box Canyon are equally exotic locations. The Red Rock Canyon has incredible flora and fauna since it’s an extension of the Mojave Desert and the National Conservative Area. The desert plants and the exquisite moss species that the location hosts are diverse and unique. The site has a diverse collection the Joshua trees with 500 more varieties of flora. The area is home to around 100 bird species. Birds like Rufous-sided towhee, Gambel’s quail, doves, and white-throated swift birds are some known birds that inhabit the canyon.

The Red Rock Canyon Over the Years

The Canyon has been there for the past 600 million years. From an ocean basin, the Canyon has become a full-fledged desert with a dry environment. The Mojave Desert and the continuously changing Canyon topography are responsible for the many different hues of the Canyon today. Drive to the Highpoint Overview in your luxury cars for an all-encompassing view of Las Vegas from the Canyon. As a tourist, renting a car from our dependable best exotic car rentals in las vegas should be your priority.a luxury car

Historical References

The rock formation and natural beauty of the Canyon have moved many geologists. The unique rock formation and limestone deposits have taken millions of years to give the place its special shades. The chiseled images in Rocks—the petroglyphs and the roasting pits in the Willow area are all symptomatic of how ancient the place is. Pieces of pottery and clay tools are also strong historical references.

Enjoy the Red Rock Canyon in a Luxurious Rolls-Royce!

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