The Road Trip Dilemma: Renting vs. Driving Your Vehicle

Not everyone is willing to risk their cars when road trips are in question. Vehicle depreciation, car insurance, and gas mileage are just some factors that vehicle owners must consider if they use their vehicle. If you’re weighing your options between renting a luxury car vs. driving your vehicle for your upcoming road trip, we can walk you through the cost of it all! Continue reading this blog to understand why you should consider exotic car rentals in Las Vegas.

Renting a Car is Cheaper

Renting a vehicle for a road trip might seem expensive, but it could be a cheaper alternative given the following factors:
  1. Depreciation Costs: a road trip may damage your car even if you don’t see the wear signs right away. Your vehicle is susceptible to a little wear and tear with every mile you cover. Thus, taking your car to drive long distances would require more maintenance costs.
  2. Gas Mileage: renting a car is much cheaper if it allows you to cover extra miles without consuming gallons of gas.
  3. Lease Penalties: people who lease their vehicle will also find car rental services a cheaper alternative. Car owners will have to pay a penalty on every mile they cover above the contracted amount. Annually, this could sum up to 12,000 cents.
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Other Reasons to Rent a Car

  1. Your car’s not durable: Consider renting a car if you know your vehicle is beat. A rental car won’t give you trouble while driving. Furthermore, rental cars are insured, so you won’t have to worry about them being damaged or stolen.
  2. Ride in style: The options are never-ending when rental cars are concerned. You can choose from your favorite brands and cruise through the city in style!
  3. You want to try something new: Tired of driving around your old car? Contact rental car services for help. Renting a car allows gives you a comprehensive experience without breaking your bank.
  4. You love your car too much: Are you hesitating to take out your brand new car? We completely understand if you want to retain your car’s shine for long.
Contact us today for luxury car rentals in Las Vegas. From exotic sports cars to the latest Rolls Royce, we have everything to set you up for your next road trip! For more details, head over to our FAQs section.

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