The Best Race Tracks in Nevada

Did you know that the longest racetrack in the world exists just outside Las Vegas? It’s in the red Vegas desert, and it tops the former longest racetrack in the world, the Nürburgring in Germany. It was in 2017 that the entire world finally found out that Nevada is so much more than Vegas and gambling and red rocks.

You might not have known, but Nevada is known for its drag racing and its car shows. Naturally, the state has one too many race tracks, and if you didn’t know what or where they were, we’re here to help.

The Battle Mountain Raceway

Like its name, the Battle Mountain Raceway is always raging; there are always wheels racing and battling for victory over its tracks. With dirt for surface and oval for a shape, the Battle Mountain Raceway is fared only by the most dedicated racers.

The Desert Park Raceway

You’ll find the Desert Park Raceway by the Reno-Stead airport, with several layouts and several hundred admirers. Its asphalt course and road course make it a classic favorite with racers, and many come to try its writ frequently.

The Great Basin Raceway

The Great Basin is a great place to visit just by itself. Racers from Idaho and Utah are also seen battling it out on this raceway. Its clay surface makes it different and challenging, especially for those more comfortable with asphalt.

The best thing about this raceway is that you don’t have exclusively plan visiting it; you can visit it while on or from your way from the Great Basin National Park.

The Hawthorne Centennial Racecourse

Built fashionably and a busy spot for racers and race enthusiasts, the Hawthorne racecourse has a dirt track and a MotoX shape (as well as oval). It makes for great viewing and greater racing!

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

With its largely asphalt surface and its length of 2.41 km, it’s a well-lit and well-liked racecourse that will make for a great trip when out with friends. It’s described in various ways: asphalt course and drag strip, clay oval and superspeedway! Its Vegas location also makes it far more easily accessible to people visiting the city.

Lovelock Speedway

Built in 2007 and perfectly oval, the Lovelock Speedway has a specific racing season: from later March to late September. Be sure to know if the time’s right if you’re planning to visit this clay racecourse that’s whizzing with sports cars from March through September.

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