Safety First: Private Vehicles During A Health Crisis

Anybody who’s been keeping up with the news knows that we are having a global crisis. The COVID-19 virus outbreak has spread far and wide from Wuhan now. In the midst of all this, important policy decisions are being made and issued by local governments everywhere.

One issue that is relevant at this time is the issue of transport, both public and private. Read on for a simple analysis of the role of different kinds of transport.

The Problem of Public Transport

Mass transit systems like subways, buses, and trolleys can be hotbeds of virus and bacteria transmission. The first thing that many commuters did as the COVID crisis started developing was to abandon public transport.

Rush hour buses and trains are usually backed without an inch to spare. Transport networks in all cities face similar circumstances. The lack of space flies against all recommendations by global health organizations for flattening the curve.

Initially, transit systems were kept open, and people were asked to take precautions. However, as the numbers of infected people have risen, simple precautions just aren’t cutting it.

How Directives Have Addressed the Problem

Since the virus first started to hit the news, municipal and state governments have issued directives for the operation of public transit infrastructure. While essential activities are open in most areas, including Nevada, transport has been closed in many places.

This decision results from the fact that mass transit can significantly increase the levels of community transmission, despite the vast numbers of people that are dependent on it. The closures of offices and schools, along with partial lockdowns, have lightened the load. However, some people still have to commute.

One option for people is to use rental vehicles in the meantime. This works especially if you’re a business owner who needs to keep things running during this time.

Getting the Right Kind of Rental Car

As a rental car company, we recognize the need for premier services at this time. Part of our job is to make sure that our vehicles are safe: which includes sanitation. When renting out a car, always ask them what cleaning measures they take after each change of driver. For your peace of mind, you can even wear protective gear like gloves while using the car.

As the only 5-star car rental company in Las Vegas, NV, we always have our customers’ best interests at heart. We are running our business in compliance with municipal directives and will continue to do so.

We specialize in sports car and luxury car rentals, and if you’re interested in a vehicle, you can call us at (702) 761-8777.

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