Why Driving a Jeep Should Be On Your Bucket List

Driving a Jeep is so culturally significant that some people may disregard it as an overrated experience. The love of more luxurious cars often means that Jeeps are left behind. However, Jeeps are incredibly versatile and powerful.

On a more critical note, Jeeps provide the driver with many opportunities to enjoy the pure class and sturdiness of this classic automobile. Here’s our take on why you should jump at the chance to rent one out.

The History

For a car enthusiast, Jeeps have a historical significance, unlike any other kind of automobile. The first Jeeps were created in response to the US Government’s open bid for a recon vehicle for the soldiers at the front.

The design was revolutionary in those times, and the basic format has withstood the test of time. It is for that reason that Jeeps are a classic type of car that every person should drive at some point. There’s nothing quite like the precise balance between stealth and power that a Jeep provides.

Jeep Jamborees

The fun part about driving Jeeps is the community around them as well. Jeep Jamborees were started in Nevada, by Mark A. Smith, as an adventure voyage in a Jeep along the Rubicon trail through the Sierra Mountains.

They are now a fun two-day family off-roading adventure where flocks of Jeepers come together to take part in a wonderfully bumpy ride. Marching through trails with your family and dozens of others is the kind of camaraderie you’ll never forget.

Anything Goes

Jeeps are also the ultimate vehicle simply because of how wonderfully they stomp through all kinds of terrains. They’re built to resist water in all forms. Also, the beauty of a 4×4 is that the tires decimate any obstacles. This means that streams of water, rocky terrains, snow, and uneven paths are no match for the extra armoring and cushioning that the vehicle provides.

Badge of Honor

Every off-roader loves adding accomplishments to their experience. The Jeep Badge of Honor is perfect for people with the adventure bug. The Badge of Honor is an integrated mobile app experience, where you can check-in at the start of trails the app has listed. Once you’ve completed the trail, you get points and climb ranks in the online community. Driving a Jeep is about communal adventure more than anything!

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