Porsche 911 GT3 RS: The Ultimate Driver’s Sports Car

It’s safe to claim that the Porsche GT3 RS is the wildest aspirated 911 that tugs at your heart strings, if you’re a true car enthusiast!

There are only a few other makes and models in the same league as Porsche that match this car’s standard and appeal. This model is not only the most race-car-like vehicle you’ll see but is every bit as true to its resemblance in performance and specifications as well. No wonder, it’s called the ultimate driver’s sports car.

Porsche 911 GT3 Specifications

The 520-hp flat-six hollers at 9000 rpm, and that’s just the start of your racing adventure. It comes packed with a power steering that’s electrically-assisted and is seamlessly reactive for diving forward as the wings take you deep into the distance ahead.

The 700-hp GT2 RS-inspired chassis is designed with an expansive width for a better grip that holds on to the road like it’ll never leave contact. The dual-clutch automatic that you’ll find in this Porsche feels like a magic wand in your hand. The gears move smoothly, as if in anticipation of every next move, and land correctly the seven forward placements.

Ride Quality

With that said, it’s not like this car is only fit for racing against time and tide on a race course. It’s equally perfect for taking your woman out for a romantic dinner and a long drive after.

The chassis doesn’t consist of any rubber parts except for the tires as the softer suspensions have been replaced by ball joints. This makes the ride a bit rough but firm still; you can still travel without your head bobbing side to side.

Speed, Steering and Other Special Features

If there’s any car that can transcend the normal driving/riding experience and give you the adventure of a flight, it’s the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Every pull of the engine transports you somewhere else and that’s the beauty of riding in a luxury sports car such as this.

The flat-six behind the back seats will completely alter your mood. First-time buyers usually aren’t aware of the deafening roar the engine makes from 8000 to 9000 rpm. This is probably the most intimidating feature of the model and also the most riveting.

The steering transmits the bump and slump over every pebble and in every cavity through to your palms, such that the experience of being on the road becomes very real. Much like unassisted steering, it’s stable when turned straight ahead and cooperative when swerved at an angle.

Unlike any other, this Porsche is a hard one to let go. Are you ready to hop in behind the wheel?

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