The Best Scenic Drives in Nevada

Nevada has been one of the country’s top tourist sites, both for local tourists and international travelers. Las Vegas alone got 42.12 million visitors in 2018. A survey in fact found that most destination travelers wanted to go to Las Vegas. But Nevada doesn’t end at Vegas—it only begins there.

Known for its iconic red rock formation, the desert region looks like it could be the perfect setting for a fake Mars landing—if only it weren’t for the roads. Although rocky and supposedly barren, these hills also have eyes: and a lot of them.

Nevada’s few but well-made roads and scenic drives mean that they’re visited by dozens of people every day. These are mostly highways that wind between basics and ridges—and they look spectacular.

And if you’re wondering what place will give any scenic drive in the world a run for its many, this blog will tell.


The Scenic State Route 167

If you’ve been looking forward to spotting a rare wild horse, this is the route you want to take. With little traffic to obstruct your path, this road is both flat and curvy at places.

Drive at a speed of 35mph to get a good look at all that this route has to offer because it has to offer a lot: sand dunes that are different every time you drive by, the most astonishing flowers, a vibrant rocky landscape, and some rare wild horses. The road is in excellent condition, and would feel absolutely terrific under the wheel of a luxury car such as the Porsche.

US 95

Running between Tonopah and Beatty, the 95 miles of this route will leave you hypnotized with its eye-catching desert scenery. There are mountains in the distance, the Nellis Air Force Base, the vast plains, and the Death Valley to behold.

NV 447

The NV 447 is quite literally the road less traveled. Winding past pyramid—which also happens to be Nevada’s biggest water body—it runs deep into some of the most deserted regions of Nevada.

These regions might be remote, but there are great visual treasures to behold—salt flats and mountains, scattered volcanoes and dry lakes, and the soothing calm of the desert. You will find parts of this route a little unpaved, especially near the Black Rock Desert. Avoid bumping by renting a sturdy SUV for the ride. If you kept following the yellow brick path, you’ll come right to California!

State Route 156

Also known as the Lee Canyon Road, the SR 156 is a state highway, one of the two connecting Humboldt-Toiyable National Forest and US 95. Take this loop to see some of the ascending, winding routes that lead to Mount Charleston. You can also see some truly astonishing landscape from here, including vegetation zones, alpine, and of course, the desert.

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