Fascinating Facts About Ferrari

A stunning red Ferrari is probably what first pops into anyone’s mind when we think of supercars or sports cars. This Italian supercar company has taken the world by storm and continues to amaze its audience with the beautiful, yet powerful vehicles they produce. The brand represents sheer luxury and premium quality.

Car enthusiasts with a passion for Ferrari probably known all there is to the specs of their car, but here are some fascinating facts about the Italian supercar manufacturer you probably don’t know:

Ferrari has never offered a two seater in AWD/4WD

Unlike their popular competitors Lamborghini and Porsche, Ferrari has always offered their two-seater vehicles in AWD/4WD. All street and racing Ferraris have been RWD. AWD was introduced in the four seater editions. The company also incorporates top tier traction control systems to ensure safety.

Ferrari has never launched an SUV

Unlike other supercar brands, Ferrari has never launched an SUV. The brand doesn’t intend on creating one any time soon and might never jump on this band wagon. They prefer staying true to their “racing car” identity and have done so for over 70 years now.

The Scuderia Ferrari badge represents the horse stable

Ferrari is known for its iconic prancing horse logo. This logo was used by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the car manufacturer, back when he raced Alfa Romeo vehicles.


 Ferrari engine.

Ferrari has a dedicated racetrack for testing purposes

Ferrari is known for its racing cars and so it’s no surprise that they have their own race track. This racetrack is solely used to test the vehicles, particularly their chassis, roadholding, and braking. It’s also used to simulate the corners of race tracks.

Ferrari’s mission was to only build race cars

The brand began by manufacturing race cars solely. They then begun manufacturing street cars as well. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that the street cars were only launched to finance their racing division. The growth in demand for their street cars eventually led the company to realize how important the vehicle was. In today’s world, it would be difficult to imagine no Ferrari street cars. It’s the epitome of luxury and wealth.

Ferrari has played a role in the launch of other supercar companies

Ferrari is known to have inspired companies like Lamborghini and Pagani. These companies today have managed to grow substantially. According to legend, Lamborghini was created when the founder was dissatisfied with the Ferrari street car he owned. In particular, he wasn’t a big fan of the clutch.

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