4 Reasons to Get Away from the City and Into the Great Outdoors

Las Vegas is the city of vice and pleasure, which is why there are endless opportunities for a good time in the city. From the diverse, high-end restaurants to the infinite casinos, there’s a lot that you could get up to.

But if you want to expand your horizons a bit and get some time with nature in, Las Vegas is the perfect city to be staying in. There are so many gorgeous and serene natural spots to visit near the city!


Just get an exotic car rental in Las Vegas and head on out to these amazing natural landscapes.

Death Valley National Park

Just about a two-hour ride from Las Vegas, Death Valley is exactly what it sounds like! Death Valley is the hottest and driest location in the continent, which is why heading there during winter season is the better option.

There are some stunning views, like the Badwater Basin in the south end of the park which is 282 feet below sea level and is made almost entirely of salt. The Zabriskie Point is a must-see view too, especially at sunset or sunrise as it overlooks the Panamint Mountains and Furnace Creek.

Lake Mead

Nevada isn’t all dry, sandy desert. Lake Mead is an ideal location for a day trip from Las Vegas, since it’s only 25 miles outside the city limits. This manmade lake is surrounded by large lava hills that are up to 6 million years old, as well as desert shrubbery that offers you a unique lake recreational experience.

You can enjoy swimming, kayaking and jet skiing in the waters, as well as hiking and exploration in the wilderness nearby. The lake has amenities for picnics as well as equipment and grocery stores nearby. It’s the complete lakeside experience!

Red Rock Canyon

A paltry 17 miles from Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is the perfect place to go if you want a taste of some genuine desert scenery and abundant wildlife. The coppery crimson red color is iconic and is contrasted with sandstone and limestone in certain areas.

Red Rock Canyon is a quiet and peaceful area, which is why you may encounter wildlife pretty easily. You can take a hike and find some picturesque waterfalls or take a horseback ride through the area.

A snowy Mount Charleston with resorts at the base.

Mount Charleston

A refreshing change of pace in region’s scenery is Mount Charleston, just 35 miles northwest from the city. Mount Charleston is a lot more traditional than the other peaks in Nevada, and is populated with lush greenery like juniper, pine and mahogany trees.

The cool climate gives way to wildflowers and waterfalls galore. You can even find an extravagant mountain meal at the Mount Charleston Lodge — with the local specialty being elk chops!

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So, what are you waiting for? Get going on your day trip to the scenic landscapes around Vegas!

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