Why Black is Traveler’s Top Choice of Color in Luxury Cars?

There’s no denying the fact that black sedans look ever so sleek and sexy, gliding across a smooth road. If there are five luxury cars parked right in front of you, we can bet that the black one will steal all your attention.

There’s something mysterious about black cars that appeals to our collective aesthetic. The depth of this color enhances the smooth contours of the car’s body and attracts the eye. Add in a pair of extravagantly-lustrous headlights—like the Lamborghini’s statement eyes—and the contrast will make the vehicle a head-turner!

Nothing prepares you for a formal night better than a gorgeous black car to complement your evening ensemble and mark your arrival at the desired destination.

Here’s more about why black is the top choice of color in luxury cars.

Better Body

While some tech geeks want to have the best features in a luxury car, others choose more romantically. They’ll pick the car that has the classiest design and looks elite. When you talk about looks, nothing beats the impression that black cars set.

This color creates a visual aura of grandeur, one that makes the car appear longer and sleeker. Your eyes will unmistakably admire the curves and edges as the light reflects brilliantly off the black body. Black automatically grants your car a superior status, no matter the model. And a black luxury car naturally becomes the king of kings!

A beautiful black Rolls Royce shot from the front.

Resale Value

Black has been running for the most popular color in cars, and the resale value of vehicles reflects this. 19 percent of cars sold in North America are black, and this color preference is second to only white. This shows that people are not just admiring black cars from a distance but also betting their money on them.

Whether you rent or buy a black car, people watching you will know that it’s an expensive ride. That instantly buys you public favor and implies that you’re among the superior few! So if you have your eyes set on an elite black car from our range, book it today for a ride.

Thermal Properties

If you hail from a colder region or generally despise winters, you’ll know how hard it is to sit inside a cold car. You can crank up the heater, and it’ll still take painfully long for the car to become completely warm. While your radiator, weather, and the car may be to blame for that, some can be pinned on the color.

Lighter colors, like silver and white, are more reflective and do not absorb sunlight (not to mention the glaring similarity with ice and snow). If you own a white car, just looking at the white bonnet covered by white snow sends chills down your spine. That’s why black cars are a winner in Las Vegas’ c o l d winters. The temperatures can drop to single digits and you need your ride to be comfortably warm!

Black has unique thermal properties that allow it to absorb heat from sunlight and conduct it thermally. This is why your heart tugs at the sight of a black luxury car with a comfortable heating system waiting for you to snuggle in on a cold winter night.

And since you’re renting, not buying, you can afford to switch to a different color in a different season!

We offer exotic car rental options in Las Vegas and have the widest range of exotic cars, supercars, sports cars, and luxury rides in many colors. Our fleet boasts of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and Rolls Royce.

Take your pick and your black luxury supercars will be ready for a ride whenever you want!

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