What Happens in Vegas: Tips for Responsible Tourism

We’re in the middle of some incredibly challenging times, and it comes as no surprise that many of us are struggling to cope with these big changes, all the restrictions, and the new normal, despite how many months it’s been.

For travelers and tourists, it’s even more distressing navigating your way around these changes and limitations, but you can work toward making your trips safer. If you’re headed to Vegas, remember these tips for more responsible tourism:

Closely follow all travel guides and restrictions

Nevada has undergone a ‘Statewide Pause’ recently, which is why it’s important that you check ahead of time for their restrictions, requirements, and all measures that have been put in place. As a tourist, it’s vital that you monitor your own health and symptoms, as well as practice adequate safety measures to avoid passing on any transmissions resulting from air travel, transport, or otherwise. These restrictions are implemented in an attempt to reduce and curb infection rates before they spread and protect not just locals but tourists too.

 If you're headed to Vegas as a tourist, be sure to look out for COVID restrictions.

Make sure to stick to the mask mandate

Another key measure that the governor has introduced is the mask mandate. Nevada’s mask mandates require you to wear a mask indoors and outdoors, which means any time you’re not in your own room, accommodation, or personal space, you most likely need to wear a face mask, shield, or any other protective covering.

Masks have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of transmission, which is why they act as protection not just for you but also for your family, other tourists, and people across stores, hotels, and more.

Rent a car to get around during your trip

You can get in touch with us for the best exotic rental cars in Vegas and make the most of your situation. Our sweet rides will make sure you not only have a stylish and safe means of transport, but you’re also able to get around without relying on shared or public transport and avoid crowds. Our cars are perfect for travelers looking to explore areas beyond the city during their stay, too, given that you can drive up to various destinations in our luxury, exotic, and sports car rentals.


There’s definitely a lot you need to look out for apart from these things, but it’s not difficult to do. All these measures are to make your trip safe, fun, and successful, and to ensure that you’re safe and sound wherever you go.

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