The Ultimate Driving Playlist

While city life in Vegas is a blast, there’s something special and liberating about going on a long drive—especially when you have the best music ever.

Whether you’re traveling with company or you’re on your own, the right playlist makes the drive a hundred times better. Imagine having to listen to songs on the radio; the commercials totally kill the vibe!

That’s why we’ve prepped a road trip playlist that will make every car journey memorable!

“Living On A Prayer” Bon Jovi

You can’t help but belt this one out. The long guitar solo that leads up to the beginning of the song is enough to hype you up for the whole journey. Bon Jovi’s husky voice and a long road trip just go hand in hand!

This is a song to sing with your closest friends while driving. You’ll never get tired of it.

“Castle On A Hill” Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a young, vivacious singer/songwriter who’s known for creating catchy tunes with a simple composition and relatable lyrics. He can create magic with his voice, a guitar, and a loop station. With over two billion fans, he’s one of the most loved artists around the world!

As for the song in question, “Castle on a Hill” is a self-described “road trip song,” so it makes a lot of sense to add it to the list. The melodies lend themselves really well to high speed highway driving—just remember to stay within the speed limit!

“Little Red Corvette” Prince

Even though Prince sadly passed in 2016, his music still lives with us. And it’s only fitting that a song about a Corvette made it on this list. This catchy tune was released in 1982 and has over 19 million views on YouTube!

This is a song for you and your car, so get ready for an electric ride.

“Don’t Stop Me Now” Queen

Freddy Mercury was a legend. His music was unconventional and ahead of his time. His humble roots did not stop him from becoming a star and sensational singer, his live performances were full of energy, and the vocals were unmatched!

Though “Bohemian Rhapsody” has to be their most popular song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” is perfect to listen to when you’re driving. You too will be like Mr. Fahrenheit when listening to this song on the road!

“Don’t Stop Believing” Journey

How can you not listen to a song by Journey when you’re on… a journey? Their most popular and iconic song, “Don’t Stop Believing” is as popular today as it was in 1981. The song beautifully tells a story that many can relate to.


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