The Most Insane Features in Luxury Cars

There’s a reason luxury cars are priced at six figures—it’s a modest cost for the level of extravagance they offer!

These cars don’t just take you from point A to B; they fill every mile in between with a super comfortable riding experience that you can’t resist getting used to. Once you’ve ridden a car like this, you’d find it hard to focus on the road in any other vehicle.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Comfortable driving experience and generous legroom are only for starters; the main course will blow your mind!

Let’s look at some of the most insane luxury facilities that our super exotic dream cars are paired with.

Coupe Scent system in Mercedes AMG GT

If you want to experience what sitting in a sports car feels, tune in all your five senses—including your olfactory system. Hint: we’re not talking about the smell of burning rubber here!

The Mercedes-AMG GT’s coupe scent system is an in-built mechanism that keeps the car fragrant with an energizing smell. If you have a pet peeve for spraying your man’s perfume into the air just for a scent that drives you mad, you need to drive a Merc.

This unique scent system pumps your excitement for every ride and keeps you pleasantly thrilled for the road trip. Whether it be on the street or the track, this luxury sedan from the AMG division is bound to captivate you!

Sound System in Audi R8

Bang & Olufsen have revolutionized the music experience inside the Audi R8 with their newest sound system. The sound tuning synchronizes with the acoustic signature of the car’s model seamlessly and gives you a live concert from the front row!

There’s an embedded microphone in the cockpit that measures changes in noise in the surroundings and adapts automatically. This helps you speak at a normal volume while the music plays without having to shout at the top of your lungs!

Moreover, there are thirteen active speakers, out of which two are integrated into each seat’s headrest. With the hood down, you’ll have an excellent surround sound that pumps up the entertainment along the way!

White leather fittings for the insides of a luxury car.

Leather Vents for the Luxury Porsche

Air conditioners with ordinary plastic vents are very pedestrian! If you’re sitting in a Porsche, you get to live posh too.

The vehicle offers not only the comfort of luxe leather seats that caress your skin with a buttery-soft touch and prevent any rashes, but also leather vents. With the cool air filtering through climate control vents made from the finest leather, your car comes to life with the smell of luxury. The polished leather releases a pleasant scent that circulates all around the car and creates the flying business class’s ambiance on the road.

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