The Best Vehicles To Drive In Death Valley

Death Valley is an amazing spot near Las Vegas to visit. Its unique terrain and beauty make for the best road trip experience. Death Valley National Park is one of the driest and hottest places, making it perfect for evaluating how well vehicles perform.

During peak summer, the temperatures here surpass 120 degrees. It’s probably best to avoid the area from June to August, with July being the hottest month.

Death Valley is a great place to visit with friends or even on your own, provided you have a reliable vehicle that can take on the terrain.

Here are some of the best luxury SUVs to drive in Death Valley:

Mercedes G63

This G-class wagon looks very similar to the first version launched in 1979, except that it is packed with the latest technology. Compared to the retro exterior, the interior is completely modern. The manufacturer has focused on comfort and luxury for the driver and passengers.

There are three main modes on this SUV, Sport, Classic, and Progressive. The ground clearance makes it a pleasure for off-roading. Its low windows allow a panoramic view, ideal for a road trip to take in the sights. The body of the vehicle is spacious in every way, you don’t have to be too worried about being too tall for this SUV.

Mercedes G Wagon.

Mercedes 4*4 AMG

The AMG is all about making things effortless for the driver, whether that’s driving in Death Valley or some of the best highways. Its twin turbo V8 engine and its 416 HP at 5200 RPM can power through the Death Valley terrain.

The superior off-road capabilities of this vehicle are enhanced by its superior ground clearance. The approach angle on the AMG is 52 degrees and departure angle is 44. The SUV has bi-xenon headlights and LED running lights for the day. This SUV has quite a muscle-y and aggressive look, which is quite different to the typical aesthetic of the car manufacturer.

Range Rover SuperCharged

Land Rover is an SUV manufacturer known for creating powerful vehicles. Their vehicles are suited to tough terrain and integrate well into city life too. The Range Rover is a 4-door and 5-seater vehicle, perfect for when you’re going on a road trip with loved ones. There’s plenty of leg room and luxury interiors that provide ultimate comfort. The Range Rover also offers space to store belongings for the road trip and luggage in general.

The 5.0 LV8 SuperCharged Engine and 518 Horsepower produced by it makes the vehicle move smoothly. It’s also equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission and AWD. The top speed achieved by this vehicle is 202 mph.

So there you have it! Any time you’re heading out on a new trip through or around Nevada, look into our exotic car rental services in Las Vegas. We offer all the luxury SUVs mentioned on rent in Las Vegas. Reserve a vehicle today!

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