Shortage of Rental Cars in Las Vegas? Don’t Be the Last in Line

Last year, COVID-19 hit various sectors of the economy hard. As most Americans were cooped up in their homes, travel to places like Vegas and New York declined. Rental car bookings dropped by 90%, and companies had to sell much of their fleet to survive.
However, 2021 has seen a 60% uptick in travel compared to last year, boosted by vaccines and an increase in consumer confidence. However, the increase in travel coupled with depleted fleets means Las Vegas sees a rental car shortage.


It might be worrisome if you’re planning a trip to Vegas. However, it’s essential to understand why the shortage exists and will continue for some time. We will also offer tips on how you can avoid falling victim to this shortage and make sure your trip goes perfectly.

Understanding the Rental Car Shortage in Vegas

Experts say the rental car shortage in Vegas is severe, and Jonathan Weinberg calls it “the car rental apocalypse.” The shortage becomes even more evident on occasions that see a massive uptick in demand.

No cars available for visitors in Las Vegas

The acute shortage has been increasing for the last few weeks and is expected to worsen during the summer holidays. Even though companies are trying to increase their fleets, global auto production has also been disrupted due to COVID-19.

In fact, a global chip shortage is still causing problems in the auto production supply chain, which could persist throughout the year. So, the rental car crisis will continue, especially as more people are vaccinated and travel increases even more.

What the Shortage Means for People Visiting Vegas

Naturally, whenever there’s a shortage in supply, demand goes up, and so do the prices. This is precisely what’s happening with car rentals in Vegas as well. Companies are charging excessive rental fees, so don’t be surprised to see the high rates.

Moreover, people hoping to get a car rental when they arrive in Vegas face disappointment because there are simply not enough cars to go around. Obviously, companies cater to those clients first who have made reservations.

So, even if you’re willing to pay the hefty price, chances are still low that you’ll find your desired car.

Tips on Avoiding the Rental Car Shortage

Here’s what you can do to get ahead of the line and make sure your trip goes smoothly:

  1. Book your rental car in advance: The crisis is so bad that even booking a couple of weeks earlier may not be helpful. So, if you’re planning a summer trip, the right time to book a car rental is right now.
  2. Go beyond the big companies: Many people only check out the big companies and then give up. However, a brief search would show you a lot of small companies offering car rental services in Las Vegas.
  3. If you can afford, go for Luxury cars: Diplomat Exotic Rentals offers a vast collection of luxury, exotic, and super cars. Make the most of this crisis by renting out the car of your dreams and exploring Vegas in style.

From Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Corvettes and Porsches, we offer you the best cars available. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious car or an exotic sports car, we’ve got you covered!

All signs point to the rental car shortage getting even worse during the summer holidays. You can beat the crowd and make your Vegas vacation perfect by booking your luxury car now, or you can contact us for more information.

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