Reviewing the Features of the Mercedes-Benz G550 SUV

SUVs are the road beasts all of us want to have! Ultra-luxurious and incredible to look at, an SUV is the prime example of strength, class, and comfort all combined in one. The SUV culture of the 1970s was about a luxury car that could potentially go anywhere! The SUV was introduced to realize the same vision of a mammoth car that can survive the harshest terrains without giving up on an iota of comfort! Mercedes has made and introduced many SUV models since then. From crossover SUVs to mid-size SUVs, the brand has been one of the leading players in the SUV game today. The Mercedes Benz G550 is a timeless car designed and crafted with the utmost finesse.


It’s easier than ever to experience how it feels to be a classic vehicle like an SUV. Call us at Diplomat Exotic Rentals and rent our SUVs and luxury cars in Las Vegas at feasible rates.   Here’s our review of the latest Mercedes Benz G550.

Next Level Luxurious

The G550 deserves an award for the thoughtful design the car offers. It’s a spacious retro-styled vehicle and comes at a six-figure price. Everything about the model oozes thoughtfulness and top-quality craftsmanship. The car comes with massaging front seats and the retro style of the Mercedes G-Wagon.  

But Is That All?

Does luxury mean a compromise on the car’s strength? No! The car is as strong as it is required for harsh pathways and potholed rugged roads. You can take the car for an exquisite mountaineering experience and never get tired of the fine aesthetic inside and outside the car!   With a speed of 416 hp and torque of 450 ft-lb, the car can race you through roads. The SUVs V-8 engine is the reason behind its fine strength and sturdy movement.   Feel like driving an SUV? We have a cool range of SUVs at Diplomat Exotic Rentals. Check out our stunning SUVs and other exotic cars in Las Vegas here.a Mercedes SUV

Highly Advanced Technology

The Mercedes G550’s direct injection and multi-spark ignition add class to the vehicle. The car comes with top navigational technology and a reliable interior heating system. The car is bulletproof and armored to A9/B6+. The car is protected against M80 ball rounds and is of the safest vehicles for traveling off the road.   The MBux Entertainment System is there in A-class cars. Passengers are allotted a touchpad on the console for better control options. A Wi-Fi hotspot is also provided for instant internet connection.   The Mercedes Benz G550 offers an entirely different experience. Now rent SUVs available at Diplomat Exotic Rentals. Our rates are unlike any other, and so is our fleet. We have Lamborghini Aventadors, supercars, and many more fantastic cars available at unmatched rental rates. Contact us at (877) 457-4337 to rent an SUV now!

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