Leasing vs Renting: What Is the Way to Go?

Not everyone can afford a luxury car; you can either lease or rent it. Both allow you to have possession of the car for a period of time, and then the car goes back to the party that you got it from.

But what are the differences between the two? And which one is better for you? Read on to find out:

1.Period of Possession

When renting a car, you can get it for as much or little time as you want. That means you have the option to keep renting different cars every time and trying out new models as they come out. This method is great for people who wish to experience the feel and drive of supercars, and only need them for a few days at a time.

In a lease, you have the car for at least 2 years. After making a small down payment, you keep paying monthly installments for the rest of the period. At the end of your period, the car is returned to the lessor. This works better for someone who needs the car for a long period of time and can afford to keep making payments.

2.Mileage Allowance

A luxury car for rent usually does not have mileage limits. Meaning, you can drive the car as much as you want. This is very suitable for someone who rents a car for a week and intends to take a trip to another city.

For leased cars, the mileage allowance is 7500-15000 miles a year, averaging out at 12,000. While this does work for the average American driver, it can lead to issues in some cases. If someone is driving less than the allotted amount, that means they are paying for something that isn’t in use. Conversely, exceeding the limit can lead to penalty payments.

Therefore, one must know their exact use when leasing a car.

 A luxury sedan parked

3.Convenience in Booking

Booking a luxury car for rent is easy. All you have to do is call, provide your information, get payment approved, and wait for the car to arrive.

For a lease, the paperwork is significantly more extensive; it takes longer to get it approved and the legalese around it is usually more complicated.

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