How does the Bentley Continental GTC Differ from an Ordinary Car?

When thinking of a grand tour, the Bentley car is the first vehicle that comes to mind. Loaded with style and elegance, the Bentley has a fine reputation for delivering performance with a great aesthetic appeal and an opulent sense of comfort. No wonder the Bentley Continental GTC caters to their vision of assimilating the bold and the beautiful. Grand tourers like Bentley are luxury cars designed for long-distance traveling. The car combines luxury with finesse to make the grand tourers a breezing spectacle on the roads. They are way more tech-advanced and luxurious than ordinary cars.
If you’re in Vegas these days, it’s time to tour in style! Luxury rentals in Vegas have well-maintained Bentley cars for rent! Get in touch with our service to know more about luxury cars available for rent. Here’s why a Bentley Continental GTC is not your ordinary car.

It’s an Ultra-luxurious Vehicle

Most Bentley cars come with rich leather interiors and textured cabins with high-class, high-tech features. The car’s glossy body makes it a vision to look at. With touch-enabled connectivity features and bespoke entertainment options, the car is a complete package of comfort and luxury.

It’s a Powerful Engine

The car’s twin-turbocharged V-8 engine gives the car much-needed power. It works to increase the car’s downforce. An increased downforce works to give cars more balance. That gives most cars the gliding effect they are famously known for. The updated W-12 engine is more powerful than the V-8 engine. Both engines come with dual snap and smooth shift options. Bentley’s powerful engines give the car a speed of 650 bhp and a top speed of 208 mph.

Unique Aesthetics

Most Bentley models come with darker aesthetics. The interiors are finely contrasted with the tech panels installed in the car. The Bentley Continental experience is said to commence when you place your foot on the accelerator. The car’s smooth drive and uber comfy interiors make it a perfect choice for long-distance traveling. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to glide through the streets of Las Vegas in a super posh Bentley Continental GTC. The car comes in various colors, including titan grey, azure purple, and sequin blue. Book your rental car today!

The GTC Models

Both the coupe and convertible models in Bentley Continental GTC are highly desirable and made to deliver high-class performance. The driver safety features in each car are tech-oriented and come with side and rear airbags for better safety against accidents.  a Bentley car

High Fuel Efficiency

While your standard cars may not be fuel-efficient, the V-8 engine installed in a Bentley Continental is highly fuel-efficient.   No, a Bentley Continental is a highly advanced luxury car. It’s not your standard car and doesn’t come at the same price tag either. Why not rent a classy Bentley Continental GTC from Diplomat Exotic Rentals in Vegas? Our impressive luxury and sports car rental has an impressive fleet of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsche.   Call us at: (877) 457-4337

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