BMW I8 Performance: A Brief Review

Even with newer models, the BMW cars continue to pay a lot of attention to fine detailing and smart handling. The new BMW i8 comes with a sleek body with the signature aim of BMW vehicles to develop top-notch quality with great results. The car’s attractive styling remains a high selling point for most BMW supercars. The i8 is from the brand’s plug-in hybrid collection. The car’s market in the new BMW i-series. It was displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2014 and was commercialized in 2014 with the first batch of i8 cars delivered to the US.
Considering the technology behind the car, the car is still a new venture into hybrid-electric technology by BMW. Equipped with the latest tech, the car comes at a whopping price of $150,000. Reach out to the best exotic car rentals in Las Vegas. At Diplomat Exotic Rentals, we have a diverse range of car fleets and top luxury cars in our car fleet. We’ve reviewed the i8 for you! Check it out here.

The Car of the Future

As the brand itself termed the car, the i8 model is the car of the future. The car can cover about 20 miles on electric mode. The car specializes in an efficient drivetrain. The drivetrain in hybrid vehicles, like the BMW i8, uses a different motor vehicle. The drivetrain stands in contrast to the powertrain used by most powertrains.

Great Controls with Incredible Design

The car offers great controls with incredible design offers. Even when it comes to the car’s grip, the tires and the steering make it perfectly convenient to veer the car through. Sadly, the plush car interiors come with minor car controls. The information panel is also minimal, considering that’s not the usual feature with BMW cars. BMW car

The Car Adapts Well to Harsh Turns and Tricky Edges

The BMW vehicle is made for the roads that come with sharper turns. The car offers a great set of controls, making it a top choice for everyday driving. Even when the car comes in a hybrid model, it’s more agile than BMW cars for everyday usage. Its top-speed features make the i8 an incredible sportscar as well. While in Vegas, roam around as Las Vegans do! Rent an extravagant car like the i8 to enjoy an unforgettable summer in Sin City. Contact us at Diplomat Exotic Rentals to find you the luxury cars for rent that suits your personality.

Top Quality Appearance

Indeed, BMW cars don’t compromise on appearance! They’re available in gorgeous blues and black and have a breathtakingly modern appeal. Their bodies are designed to offer the ideal air resistance to maximize speed on race tracks. Now is your chance to drive a car that’s bound to impress. Rentals in Las Vegas offer sports cars for rent. Rent a BMW i8 or a Lamborghini Aventador at the most feasible pricing. Contact Diplomat Exotic Rentals for quality rental services in the heart of Las Vegas. Contact Information: 702-761-8777

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