Bachelor Party Road Trip Ideas

Living in the middle of the desert isn’t all that bad. It even has some advantages, such as great scenery, ample amount of sun, and no chance of getting stuck in the snow. If your friend’s getting married and you have been chosen as the best man, then it’s your job to plan the best buck party. Give him a chance to have fun, and enjoy his last chance at bachelorhood. Hitting the clubs, going for massages, or strip clubs is common. Do something unique and go out on a road trip, have a crazy time, and best of all, avoid awkward run-ins with the bride-to-be and her friends. So, make the most of the weekend with these fantastic bachelor party road trip ideas.

Get the Coolest Ride

Lamborghini Aventador rental Las Vegas     When on a road trip, you don’t want the first few hours to put you right to sleep even before you get started. You can book a bus for the guys so that everyone can mingle with everyone else and have a bash. If that isn’t what makes you or the groom-to-be excited, go for a Lamborghini Aventador rental or a Corvette rental in Las Vegas and whiz around the desert with some fantastic music and your favorite beer.

Adrenaline Rush: Race the Ferraris at the Vegas Motor Speedway

Celebrate the union with an adrenaline-pumping activity that gets your heart racing and blood pumping at double the speed at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which houses several NASCAR races each year. Spend the day behind the wheels of some of the most exotic, luxurious sports cars. All those Ferraris, Audis, McLarens, and Porsches fueled up and ready to go. Before you saddle up and are all ready to hit the track, book a session for all your boys with Dream Racing, where you’ll be taught how to play with these rides in stimulation mode. After that, all of you can hit the race track with the instructor riding shotgun. This is what we call the ultimate adrenaline rush right before the big day.

Make Your Top Gun Fantasy Come True

If the groom-to-be is a Top Gun fan, then these jet fighters are his cup of tea. Take your pick from the available aviators and feel first-hand what it’s like to go dancing through the skies. Book a Top Gun package for the guys, get in and behind the controls, and with the help of an instructor, finally get down to those aerobic maneuvers like the torque rolls, tailspins, and the famous hammerhead stalls. The fun doesn’t end there, as Sky Combat also provides you a chance to experience air combat where you all can take part in simulated aerial dogfights, and low-level bombing runs. Trust us. It’s as awesome as it sounds. That being said, Las Vegas is huge, and it takes much time by public transport to cover the distance between two different places. So while in Vegas, make the most out of your escapades and ride in style with the best exotic car rentals by Diplomat Exotic Rentals. To learn more about our fleet, get in touch now.

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