4 Must-Visit Destinations That Exemplify Vegas’ Glamorous Past

Before it became the go-to destination for bachelor parties and girls’ trips, Las Vegas was known for its glamor, food, showmanship, and elegance.

Although Vegas is still one of the world’s most glamorous entertainment cities, there’s something about its past that has a distinct historical charm.

Check out these must-visit destinations that exemplify the city’s past:

1.    The Neon Museum

Vegas is known for its flashy lights and glitzy casinos, but its aesthetic has transformed through the decades. Las Vegas today is an evolved version of what it was in the early 1900s.

The Neon Museum beautifully captures the essence of Vegas. It displays old signage and relics that memorialize the city’s beginnings.

Take a trip to the past and see how Las Vegas became the dynamic city it is today.

2.    Golden Steer Steakhouse

Golden Steer Steakhouse is a historical landmark for Vegas. It was founded in the late 50s and was considered to be a favorite among Vegas’ best-known artists, including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Although the steakhouse has undergone some upgrades, it’s never veered away from providing an exquisite fine dining experience.

It’s got that irresistible old-school charm that makes it a must-visit Las Vegas destination.

3.    Golden Gate Casino

Las Vegas is packed with amazing casinos, but not all can boast the history and nostalgia of the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. It was inaugurated in 1906 and still has that definitive Vegas appeal.

Even though it has been updated to keep up with the times, it’s beauty has been preserved, giving visitors something other casinos can’t—an authentic Las Vegas experience.

Because it’s managed to hold on to its roots, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino remain a staple of the downtown Vegas.

4.    Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Looking for some good grub to end the day? Indulge in the best Italian food in Vegas at Battista’s Hole in the Wall. It may not be as glamorous as other Vegas eateries, but it definitely delivers traditional gourmet flavors.

The restaurant was launched in the 1970s and was an instant hit among visitors who were looking for a taste of real Italy.


With so much to do in Las Vegas, it’s easy to overlook the landmarks that made the city what it is today. It wouldn’t have attained its status without the casinos, shows, and businesses that drew crowds from all over the globe in the early and mid-1900s.

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