3 Reasons We Love the Bentley Continental

If you want to drive through the neighborhood and turn heads, getting a muscle car will do the trick. And not just any muscle car, we’re talking the Bentley Continental! It’s the perfect choice for those who crave a spectacular drive and want extensive car space to boot.

Here are a few more reasons why this Bentley is a great ride:

The styling

The best thing about the Bentley Continental is that it’s miles ahead of its predecessor when it comes to styling.

The brake lights have been revamped to be massive, pill-shaped behemoths that match the exhausts.

A subtle ridge runs across the bonnet that adds a hint of class to the car’s overall look. Other than that, the backside of the car is concave and edgy.

In short, you can expect yourself to make a baller entrance every time you go to an event. One of the best features of the Bentley is the huge rear haunches. They make your car look more powerful than it is—and it’s plenty powerful steady!

The overall style of the Bentley Continental is aggressive yet understated. It stands out amidst a group of ordinary cars. The wheelbase is extended, and a prominent V-shaped hood dominates the front.

Convertible top

The convertible top often goes by the name of the ‘Z-fold.’ According to a report by Forbes, the convertible top can open or close within a short span of 19 seconds. Other than that, it opens at a speed of 30 mph. You don’t have to pull over the car to open or close the top either.

The opening and closing mechanism is also eerily quiet, since it comprises four different layers of sheets. In fact, it is two decibels quieter than all other Bentleys.

It’s for the tech-savvy!

The tech in the Bentley Continental is on point! The vehicle is beyond upscale, and recognizes almost all the gadgets you own or want to own.

Whether you have a phone or an iPod, the software will accommodate it and play your songs. The navigation system is fast and self-explanatory. You don’t need to refer to the owner’s manual every now and then to work the system. Everything just works.


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