Rent a McLaren for a Day in Vegas!

A stylish city like Las Vegas needs you to drive around in stylish cars—and what better than a sleek McLaren to do the job? You can now rent this stunning convertible when you’re down in Las Vegas and are on the lookout for something more exotic than your usual fare: with a powerful engine and an exotic outlook, McLaren makes for the most perfect Las Vegas car you could have. The McLaren isn’t just a car—it’s a hybrid supercar. It’s avant-garde design and modish outlook makes it one of the most perfect vehicles you could drive in a place like Vegas. Rent it from Diplomat Exotic Rentals for a day, only for $1299!



Make: Mclaren

Model: 570s

Body: Convertible

Engine: 3.8L V8

Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic

Type: 2 Door

Class: Exotic Car

Horsepower: 562 HP

Ft-Lbs: 443

0-60: 2.9 seconds

1/4 MILE: 10.7 seconds

Top Speed: 204 mph

24 Hour Rate: $1299