Luxury, Lamborghinis, and Las Vegas

Arguably one of the most stylish cars in the world, the Lamborghini Aventador is a favorite among car enthusiasts around the world—and it’s no different in Vegas. This slender and sultry sports car comes in a variety of stunning colors and can make you look as chic as ever when you step out of it. Everything about the Lamborghini Aventador—from its door to its irresistible outlook—speaks style, which makes it the perfect luxury car for a drive around Vegas.

Show off your taste in cars and your style by coming out of one of these beauties at your next executive Vegas event. And you don’t even need to buy it—you can rent the amazing Lamborghini Aventador from us at Diplomat Exotic Rental for a whole day!



Make: Lamborghini

Model: Aventador

Body: Convertible

Engine: 6.5L L539 V12

Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic

Type: 2 Door

Class: Sports Car

Horsepower: 700 HP

Ft-Lbs: 509

0-60: 2.8 seconds

1/4 MILE: 10.4 seconds

Top Speed: 220 mph

24 Hour Rate: $2199