Rent the Ultimate Everyday Supercar!

Few cars are as instantly recognizable as the Audi. An everyday supercar with a powerful V10 engine, the Audi R8 Spider has a driver-focused interior and a stunning, eye-catching exterior. Then of course there’s the virtual dash and the famous R8 lighting feature. If you aren’t one for Ferraris and Lamborghinis, the Audi R8 Spider is the car for you: a stylish statement car that you can take out every day or double up as a sports car: it’s an everyman’s car, and perfect for the Vegas look.

Wouldn’t it be a treat to have an Audi R8 to yourself for the whole day? Luckily for you, you too can have a go at this stunning king of the road for a full day, and that too at only $999! Reach out to Diplomat Exotic Rental today and take the most luxurious drive around Vegas you ever took!



Make: Audi

Model: R8 Spider

Body: Coupe

Engine: 5.2L V10

Transmission: All Wheel Drive 6-Speed Automatic

Type: 2 Door

Class: Exotic Car

Horsepower: 550 HP

Ft-Lbs: 317-398

0-60: 3.4 seconds

1/4 MILE: 11.5 seconds

Top Speed: 196 mph

24 Hour Rate: $999