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So when is the best time to visit Las Vegas? There’s no one answer to that question, but this guide will attempt to gather all relevant answers so that the typical Las Vegas visitor and vacationer could make an informed decision on when to go to Sin City. It’s all about knowing when to go there and what events or which months to avoid.

Generally speaking, though, Las Vegas is always the right place and any time is always the right time to visit, even when on short notice. The absolute best times to go there so that you can catch the best shows, the best events, and the best tours available at the best and most agreeable weather will vary from month to month and season to season.

The Best Months and Seasons

The best months to visit Las Vegas are from September to November (fall approaching winter) and March to May (spring approaching summer). However, you can book a flight and get great travel deals for any time of the year. Those seasons and months just happen to be prime pickings for tourists because of seasonal events and holidays.

The biggest influx of tourists (the peak months, so to speak) wherein you’ll be hard-pressed to get worthwhile plane tickets to America’s Playground is from December to February, when Las Vegas is arguably at its coolest. New Year’s Eve is when the tourist visits reach critical mass, in fact.

Key Annual Events in Sin City

After securing a better deal at choice accommodations, now you can attend events at nearby hotels with bargain deals rather than the host hotels with the highest rates.

In order to drive to these events, you can always use the money you saved to buy exotic car rentals at Diplomat Exotic Rentals for good measure. Some of the major events in Las Vegas are:

  • The NASCAR Weekend every March
  • Viva Las Vegas special event in April
  • Clark County Fair & Rodeo every April
  • Helldorado Days in May
  • Vegas Uncork’d (a celebration of food, wine, and spirits) in May
  • The World Series of Poker from May to June
  • A Greek Food Festival every September
  • BikeFest time in October
  • The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in December
  • Holiday parties, cool weather, and an unforgettable Vegas-style New Year’s Eve and Day from December to February

The Las Vegas Fame

Las Vegas is a very common getaway destination. As such, when planning the best time to visit this gorgeous city, you should try to get a midweek trip rather than a weekend trip or go during off-peak season rather than during peak seasons to get a requisite discount or two. You’ll also get more rooms at lower rates from Tuesday to Thursday. Note also that from June to August, when Vegas is at its hottest, there is usually limited pool space, short-lived rains, and higher hotel rates.

Hundreds of conventions are hosted in Vegas annually as well, which can cause room rates to skyrocket at any time. Therefore, you should mark your calendars and be aware of any cons popping up at the date that’s otherwise most convenient for your Las Vegas vacation. In particular, check with the tourism board’s convention schedule to avoid these events and hotels for the sake of getting the most economically sound room rates available.


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