Clean lines, quick pick up speed and sleek appearance are exactly what you need when you are in Las Vegas. At Diplomat Rentals, we offer this and so much more by offering you state of the art Sports Car Rental Las Vegas service. Whether you like a particular style, or you are looking for a colour that stands out, we have the most recent sports cars for you to choose from. With our help, your style will speak for itself.

How to Choose Your Dream Sports  Car

You can drive the car of your dreams in minutes, by choosing one of the options from our extensive fleet. With Diplomat Rentals, one can enjoy being behind a stunning sports car without having to fork out thousands of dollars to buy one. You need to be at least 21 years of age to rent some choice sports cars including the BMW M3, Polaris Slingshot, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and more. For some of the faster and more thrilling models, you should be at least 23 years of age. These models include the 911 Cabriolet and the Nissan GTR. Decide how long you want to rent the car of your dreams. For most models, it is recommended that you choose our 24-hour rate. If you need the car for an event or just to make a stunning first impression, there are some models that are available for four-hour rentals.

Getting Behind the Wheel

To get behind the wheel, you need to have a valid driving license, and we accept driving licenses from all over the world. There are two ways that you can get behind the wheel, the first being telling us your location so that we can deliver the rental car to you. If you want to enjoy all that the city has to offer without worrying about mileage you can pre-purchase additional miles at a fraction of the cost. Before all this though, you need to pay a fully refundable deposit. When we get the car back in the same way that we gave it to you, you shall get the refund back in full. 

Why a Sports Car Rental?

Luxury cars are excellent and can give you a ride that you will never forget. However, until you have tried a Sports Car Rental in Las Vegas, there is a little life that you have missed out on. Sports Cars offer you amazing speed and thrills, and can give you an unmatched adrenaline rush simply by having the steering wheel in your hands. If you are afraid that you might make a mistake and end up in a crash, you do not need to worry. Our rental cars have an amazing array of safety features that are designed to keep you as safe as possible. All you actually need to worry about is how much fun your are going to have when you are on the Las Vegas strip. 

Choose quality, an unforgettable experience, and brilliance when you are looking for a sports car. Get in touch with us at Diplomat Rentals and discover all this and more.