Ferrari 458 Italia


Make: Ferrari
Model: 458 Italia
Type: 2 Door
Class: Exotic Car
Horsepower: 490
Ft-Lbs: 372
0-60: 3.8 seconds
24 Hour Rate: $999
4 Hour Rate: $699


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Ferrari 458 Italia rental in Las Vegas 

Ferrari 458 Italia has been touted by driving purists as the Holy Grail of high-end performance rental cars in Las Vegas.

Its elegant exterior design grants it a more exotic look than its counterparts such as the Audi R8…

And its interior is more organic than Lamborghini Gallardo’s. The supercar can manage a stout 562 hp from its magnificent V-8 engine so well that it stands out among its peers.

That’s why the Diplomat supercar,

Ferrari 458 is a machine on steroids that does the driver’s bidding…

With little nagging from electronics and a perfectly balanced chassis even at high speeds, the driver can be forgiven to think he is the next Valentino Rossi or Michael Schumacher…a feeling that is hard to replicate in other exotic rental cars on the Las Vegas Strip.

The dual-clutch paddle shift transmission occurs in just a few nanoseconds and the steering is brilliantly precise, thus connecting the driver and the car completely.

The Ferrari 458’s dual-clutch automatic transmission can always beat the best driver with zero loss between gear changes. This implies that there are no performance losses when shifting the 458 Italia’s gears.

The robust performance is complemented by…

The Ferrari 458’s gorgeous cockpit that’s simply a work of art

The cockpit is lined with high-quality leather and eye-pleasing shapes.

The 2012 458 Italia, being a mid-engine car, provides adequate room for your cargo. Other furnishings of the Ferrari’s interior include electronic traction and stability control, seat-mounted side airbags, adjustable suspension settings, power tilt/telescopic steering wheel, Bluetooth, navigation, dual-zone automatic climate control, satellite radio and keyless entry.

Diplomat lets you enjoy services fit for royalty.

Hitting a convention or trade show, private events, or meeting your VIP/celebrity guest on the tarmac in ultra-classy flair…

As you enjoy Las Vegas’ glamor and vanity

Diplomat will work hard to ensure that you drive a safe, fast and luxurious supercar that exudes class and style.

  • 24 Hour Rate: $999
  • 4 Hour Rate: $699 

Certainly not your usual Ferrari rental rates… for such a quality ride!

  • Personal assistance is on hand 24/7 whether you need:
  • Complimentary airport meet and greet.
  • Delivery and pickup from your hotel or local address or
  • Last-minute business services
  • One-way delivery service

So, if you are looking forward to experiencing…

The adrenaline rush that comes along with commanding your Ferrari 458

Make your reservation today with Diplomat. We have for over 10 years provided quality car-rental services. We have also been rated among Forbes travelers’ magazine’s best car rentals in Las Vegas.

We’ll be glad to respond to your questions… Anytime, 24 hours a day!