Envision it — you’re at the wheel of a Porsche 911. The engine is purring, your foot is inches from the accelerator and the streets of Sin City are calling. Welcome your goosebumps and embrace the experience when you indulge in a Porsche car rental from Diplomat Exotic Rentals. We can make your dream car reveries a reality.

Our Porsche 911 lineup includes the GT3 and Cabriolet convertible. These legendary sports cars are equipped with seven-speed manual transmissions, making short, swift movements a breeze. The dazzling lights of the strip and the desert cliffs of Red Rock Canyon are easier to see when you’re cruising with the top down in a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. The GT3 boasts an even sportier setup with its pronounced wing on the rear deck. The rear-mounted flat-six engine and all around independent suspension ensure exceptional traction, lending the 911 its unique driving feel.


Unfiltered driving pleasure. At Diplomat Exotic Rentals, that’s exactly what you’ll get with our Las Vegas Porsche rental. From the moment you slide onto the sleek leather seats, you’re in for an unforgettable treat. The cars in our elite fleet are kept in impeccable shape, so you can drive to impress. The iconic silhouette and timeless design of the Porsche 911 will command all the attention you can handle. Whether you’re planning a trip for pleasure or business, our Vegas Porsche rental complements any occasion. Pure luxury and precision, a Porsche rental offers an extravagant experience in one of the most iconic cars the world has ever seen.


Cross your sports car fantasy off your bucket list with Diplomat Exotic Rentals. These thoroughbred cars are available to customers who are at least 23 years old. Choose a four- or 24-hour rental and start cruising. Whether you require an airport meet and greet, delivery or pickup from your location, or last-minute service, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Our mission is to provide you with the most lavish driving experience possible. Maneuver the streets of Vegas with confidence knowing that you’re backed by our rental and insurance pricing and policies. As a leader in the industry, we invite you to experience the craftsmanship and performance of our Porsche rental in Las Vegas. Grip the wheel. It’s time to take a spin around Sin City.

We’ve got a ride ready for you in one of the finest machines on the planet. Contact us today to start your luxury rental experience.

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