Plan for the Perfect Vegas Getaway

It doesn’t take much to burn out in Las Vegas. It’s an over-the-top city that was designed for indulgence. Vegas is the embodiment of extravagance with its lights, crazy parties, and its glamorous casinos.

Just a 3-day weekend in Sin City is enough to make you forget about your everyday problems and give you the break you need.

Use these tips to plan the perfect Vegas getaway:

Day One

If you didn’t already know, Las Vegas offers unbelievably affordable car rentals. On your 3 day trip to the city, leave no stone unturned and indulge in an exotic luxury car of your choice. At Diplomat Rentals, we offer a selection of exquisite supercars, luxury cars, sports cars, and exotic cars for you to choose from.

Think about what car would make you feel like a king on the road and take your pick!

On your first day, keep things simple and give yourself the time to rest from your trip. Stick to dining and gambling at the resort for the first half of the day. You can always take a dip in the pool if you want to cool off.

In the evening, you can head out to one of the nightclubs.

Day Two

The next day, head out to one of the juice bars to recover from the night before. A glass of freshly made juices alongside a delicious sandwich will help start your day off on the right track.

Hop into your rental for a 20-minute drive to the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. The desert has hiking trails that are over 30 miles long. If you’re looking for an adventure, then try your hand at rock climbing and mountain biking.

After you’ve worked up a sweat, make your way down to the spa at Red Rock Resort for a facial and massage.

Day Three

Your Vegas trip isn’t complete without hitting a buffer. Go to Caesars Palace and treat yourself to Bacchanal Buffet. It’s got more than 500 dishes for you to enjoy and a massive raw dim sum bar, to scrumptious soufflés.

The Las Vegas Strip is a hot spot for the best brunches; fill your belly up with French specialties and tasty pastries.

You can then head out to the many amusement parks in the city and end your day by taking in the views of the skyline on top of a Ferris wheel.


When you’re out and about in Vegas, especially for such a short trip, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll book your favorite luxury car for you in no time!

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