Pick Me Right Up: Why The Gladiator Pickup Jeep is a Marvel

Jeep is a classic American vehicle, with its military history starting with World War II. It’s been winning hearts all over the nation with its designs ever since. Their latest model, the Gladiator, is no exception.

A pickup, convertible, and off-roader all in one, we’re blown away at how much this machine can offer. Here’s why we’re huge fans!

Pickup Innovation

The distinctive characteristic of the new Gladiator is that it’s a pickup. That might seem odd to people who aren’t SUV enthusiasts, but it’s huge. Jeep has been resisting making a pickup for decades now, despite extremely high demand. Jeeps are based on military design, and trying to transform that into a pickup vehicle is not the most straightforward task.

The pickup aspect of this truck is easy to keep safe from weather or burglars because the cover fixes into place. When fully rolled out, the cover can only be opened up quickly through unlocking the back. This keeps your cargo secure.

Extreme Versatility

The Gladiator isn’t just a pickup; it’s also a convertible. With the usual hardtop, the process is surprisingly simple. For the first half of the front top, tabs have been attached to take off the roof. For the back, you do need tools to unscrew the top and disconnect the electric supply, but there is a small necessary toolkit tucked away in the front hand rest. All in all, removing the top doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

On top of that, the doors come off as well, using tools from the box mentioned before. The doors are also standard Wrangler design to make sure repairs or replacements are quick.

Family Comfort

The Gladiator is more family-friendly than you would think. The back seats are spacious, built-in accordance with adult size seat specifications. This Jeep also compensates for its bare-bones design by adding small details that can keep people comfortable. The luxury infotainment system is one such item on the list.

For example, the reading lights are attached to the mainframe of the car, so that converting the vehicle doesn’t disable that function. There are also phone slots where you can prop up your phone for ease during long trips.

The Jeep Gladiator is perhaps not the most supreme of pickups, or convertibles or off-roaders. What it does well is that it takes all of these kinds of cars and puts all of them in a family-friendly package. The appeal of Jeep has always been the mere resolve of their vehicles, which they’ve preserved in this new edition.

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