Exotic Car Tours Las Vegas

Diplomat Exotic Rentals offers you thrilling and exotic car tour experience – it’s your time to sample four top cars in Las Vegas…NOW!

Imagine driving through a beautiful park on some of the nicest roads, together with a fleet of head-turning exotics… or in machismo-wielding beasts.

Diplomat Exotic Rentals is offering a tour service that will bring you an exhilarating experience of driving four top-notch speed demons past the sunny streets of Las Vegas and into Red Rock national park. Each customer will get to drive each car, as you’ll switch cars and seats at designated checkpoints. And, for the picture-taking lovers, there will be plenty of time for photos while in and out of these brilliant cars.

We’ll let you reel from excitement with our…

Las Vegas Exotic tour line up starting from Dean Martin Drive.

Our qualified Las Vegas tour instructors will provide you with a short safety lesson, after which you will be free to start with a vehicle of your choice. And cruise through the scenic streets and highways of Las Vegas before roaring into the Red Rock national park in style. As you drive through the Las Vegas scenic route… You will view firsthand the most popular spots around town and enjoy the luxury they offer.

We are inviting you to experience hours of pure, unadulterated Las Vegas excitement. This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes driving in top-rated exotic cars in our fleet: Lamborghini 560 Spyder, Ferrari California, Corvette z06 and the R8 Spyder…

The Lamborghini 560 Spyder is a car that expresses toughness with its tight, muscular contour and complete open-air driving experience like no other. So when you get to drive the Lamborghini Spyder, expect a unique, captivating and exciting experience, made even more thrilling by the vrooming of the excellent v10 engine.

The Ferrari California is an awesome car with a dual identity allowing it to be perfect both in the Las Vegas city streets to the open Nevada highways.

The Corvette z06, a world-class supercar born proudly on the American race track. It is a perfect engineering masterpiece thanks to its lightweight, awesome V8 engine and chassis architecture, and, superb aerodynamic strategies such that the z06 pushes the envelope of performance far beyond expectations.

And lastly, the R8 Spider, an agile vehicle that possesses unrivaled power and performance. The R8, a Volkswagen beast, has a shot of being America’s next top model not only because of the superficial, but also for its stunning inner beauty.

Diplomat lets you enjoy all these top cars and much more at our exotic car tours in Las Vegas.


  • $799 to Red Rock national park
  • One passenger (ride along) free
  • $199 additional driver (optional)