Celebrities That Drive the Dreamiest Lamborghinis

Want a sneak peek into how the Crazy Rich Celebrities like to ride?

The most superior cars on the planet are reserved for the finest (and the richest) of them all. And the exquisite and utterly extravagant Lamborghinis that these celebrities drive share part of the stardom that the celebrities enjoy.

Let’s check out some of our favorite personalities and the Lamborghinis they keep.

Chris Brown—Lamborghini Gallardo

Brown hasn’t just been topping the charts since his self-titled debut album Chris Brown waded into the pop music scene. He’s been a gifted singer, musician, and songwriter since his teenage years, and his music has genuinely reflected the maturity of talent over the years.

His success in the industry is no secret, and that’s a testament to his wealth. He can afford any luxury car he wants, and he selected a Lamborghini Gallardo for himself. A statement of power and opulence in its own right, the car has a beautiful metallic gray exterior with the classic sleek design that the brand is known for. Right for his style, the Lamborghini has been his riding companion on several occasions.

Conor McGregor—Lamborghini Huracán

The Irish born martial artist and boxer, Conor McGregor has displayed his interest in football and other sports after enjoying his celebrity status for his muscle mass. The fighter is a delight to watch while flexing his muscles on camera or when flaunting those smashing tattoos across his chest. But when he rides in his Lamborghini Huracán, the charisma nearly doubles!

It’s still uncertain how many Lamborghinis the celebrity owns but a classic Huracán in a vibrant green color is definitely in his fleet.

A green Lamborghini parked on the street outside a restaurant.

Nicki Minaj—Lamborghini Aventador

As bold as the queen herself, her Lamborghini Aventador in unique candy pink is personalized to perfection for her taste. Minaj and her eccentricities are not for an average audience, but is anything about this star ordinary?

The lovely exteriors to the spokes of the wheel are personalized to Nicki Minaj’s favorite shade of pink because why shouldn’t her ride match her lips? She’s not one to accept her luxuries from a stockpile, and a customized luxury car is the only thing that’ll suffice.

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