4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster was initially shown to the public by the popular Italian car company in 2010. The vehicle features high-quality performance, establishing it as the standard for the super sports car sector.
Every detail of the Aventador displays the hallmarks of the House of the Raging Bull. The interior is a combination of luxury equipment and state-of-art technology, designed by skilled artisans. Here are some of the surprising things about the Lamborghini Aventador.

The Best-Selling V12

Lamborghini went from selling thousands of vehicles every year to manufacturing thousands of vehicles every month within two decades. The Aventador helped them boost their production as it became the best-selling car in Lamborghini’s history. They’ve sold over 10,000 units—that’s more than all V12 models launched before Aventador.

Designed for Cold Weather

Lambo Aventador is designed to work better in the cold. For example, the vent above each quarter panel is designed to combat the heat. It deploys automatically as the car reaches 100 mph and when the ambient temperature exceeds 95 degrees or when the oil reaches 230 degrees Celsius.

Best Suspension

The new Aventador is known to have the best suspension system, as Lamborghini has enhanced the chassis stiffness. Since the car can reach an incredible speed, it needs a stable suspension system. According to their public relations individuals, the company has reworked the suspension significantly. They have reprogrammed the LMS system in the car, while the dampers are 15% stiffer. Moreover, the rear-wheeling steering has undergone a reworking, allowing it to corner better. Considering these changes, the vehicle is living up to its Supercar status.

The Lightest Car

In addition to the most powerful motor and suspension system, the lightweight body of the Aventador allows it to reach an incredible speed. The patented design of the car uses a lightweight carbon fiber composite that reduces the manufacturing time. Moreover, its aerodynamic design featuring the extending flaps assists the car to move faster and provide better driver control during high speeds. Lamborghini Aventador features a lightweight body to reach high speed

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