Shortage of Rental Cars in Las Vegas? Don’t Be the Last in Line

Last year, COVID-19 hit various sectors of the economy hard. As most Americans were cooped up in their homes, travel to places like Vegas and New York declined. Rental car bookings dropped by 90%, and companies had to sell much of their fleet to survive. However, 2021 has seen a 60% uptick in travel compared […]

Five Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Vegas Trip

Are you planning a trip to Sin City? Amazing idea! It’s the perfect time to visit Las Vegas as COVID restrictions are being lifted, and the place isn’t as crowded as it usually is. Las Vegas is the second most visited place in America (only behind New York), not just by Americans but by tourists worldwide. […]

Setting Goals for Your Next Vegas Trip? Here’s What You Need to Remember

Traveling to Las Vegas is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Some people say it’s not for them, others visit Vegas regularly, but the best thing to do when it comes to Vegas is to visit and see for yourself!

Traveling in Luxury: The Lamborghini Aventador S Takes the Crown

When it comes to supercars, very few have garnered the same reputation as the Lamborghini Aventador. Lamborghini has kept up with the competition by providing timely upgrades to the Aventador series. This brings us to Aventador S, a car Lamborghini aptly described as “an icon reborn.” Today, we’re specifically focusing on the 2019 Aventador S Roadster. The […]

Making a Style Statement with the Lamborghini Urus

When Lamborghini announced the world’s first super SUV, Lamborghini Urus, there was a lot of skepticism. However, Lamborghini stayed true to its ethos of defying tradition and chasing innovation. It’s fair to say that staying the course paid off for Lamborghini as Urus is quickly becoming the hottest selling car for Lamborghini. When it comes […]

Why You Should Rent a Sports Car