Top Exotic Luxury Car Rental Tips

Whether it’s for business purposes or exploring Las Vegas, renting an exotic car makes everything easier—and more fun. You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable seats, sharing a ride with someone else, or compromising on your safety. Unlike public transport, you don’t have to wait in line, or deal with rude drivers. You have the […]

An Eventful Evening: All About EVE Vegas 2019!

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is known for its glamorous parties and its glitzy fashion shows. As the Entertainment Capital of the World, it’s brimming with celebrities and socialites at every corner. And one of the biggest events of the year will be the EVE Vegas 2019! If you love the nightlife, unlimited wine, […]

Why You Should Roll in Style for Your Next Corporate Meeting with an Exotic Car

Getting ready for another boring corporate meeting? Treat yourself to an exotic car and start your day off right! Rolling into a corporate meeting in an attention-grabbing vehicle really helps take the edge off. Not only does it feel great, but it also says you’ve arrived—that too in style! Here’s why you should rent out […]

A Grand Affair: Why Renting Luxury Cars Makes Sense

The expression, “The first impression is the last impression” rings true for a wide range of situations. Corporate meetings, event galas, exhibitions, and fundraisers happen to be some of these. It’s not just about how you walk, the way you talk, and the way you dress; it’s also about arriving in style. And if you […]

The Best Exotic Cars to Rent for Your Next Trip to Las Vegas

You’re going back to Vegas after an important business trip and haven’t been home in a while. You have to travel frequently and finally getting the chance to go back to Vegas has you reminiscing the old days when you were free to explore the city to your heart’s content. You have the weekend off […]